Abode Connected Home Security & Automation Starter Kit Review

Abode Connected Home Security & Automation Starter Kit ReviewAmong the biggest concerns today for most people is security. With the crime rate increasing every day, worldwide, people are looking for ways to protect the property they’ve worked so hard to earn.

Another huge dilemma is trying to find out which of the many security companies will give you value for your money.

Abode, among the best security system companies, offers you a world class security system that works on your terms: A first of its kind. It is beautifully designed for your home, apartment or office premises.



Easy to install

After buying most security systems, one needs to hire a professional who will do the installation. This usually adds to the cost of an otherwise expensive system. Not abode though. It comes with a kit containing everything you could possibly need to do the installation yourself. This includes powerful gateway to door window sensors, a motion-sensing camera with an easy to install magnetic plate, one key five and one live streaming camera. To install the system, you do not require long-term contracts or monthly fees.

Complete access to your home 

When you are away from your home, you have full access from a completely encrypted system on your phone. You can therefore access your home from anywhere at any time. You will be able to see what is happening in your home and you can therefore decide whether you need to call for assistance or not. When abode cannot reach you, their professional team will alert the police for you!

Controls most of your applications

Abode is creatively designed with applications that allow you to easily control your thermostat, lights and locks. You will be able to easily add components that allow you to manage your security better. If, say, for example, you forgot to lock your doors, you can do it automatically when you leave your home. You can turn on the lights to your home or open the garage door as you pull into the drive way. It is a security system that makes everything completely up to you.

Assures you of tomorrow’s security cover too

With the world changing so fast, it is important that your security system changes too, to keep burglars from using more advanced technology to get into your home. Abode’s security system is made of an upgradeable system that supports most devices. It allows you to connect up to 150 devices to the system so you can control it better. The software will also grow with you so you can use it in a small apartment and when you build that big home you dream about.


– Battery and cellular built- in backup

– Infrared technology for reliable motion detection

– Works great whether it is day of night

– Significantly better battery life than most security systems

– Designed for any life style

– Home monitoring from abodes security team

– Can accommodate up to 150 devices


– The colors scheme is not very exciting

– The camera may be a bit slow compared to some other devices in the market


Abode is a world class security system that offers you amazing security for your home. It comes highly recommended.

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