Alera Merix450 Home Office Chair Review

Alera Merix450For most people, work requires long hours of sitting behind a desk somewhere.

The body, however, is not made for sitting for long periods of time.

For the ideal healthy body, regular movements are required.

These jobs still have to be done by someone and so the need for the perfect chair.

Whether you have your own office at home or go to work somewhere, it is critical that your chair provides maximum comfort to prevent back issues and other conditions.


The Alera Merix450 Home Office Chair is the ideal chair for all offices.


Ergonomics and comfort

All office chairs need to have enough support for the back. The Alera Merix450 Home Office Chair has integrated lumbar support that encourages the ideal upright posture. These ergonomic capabilities make it easy for one to prevent lower back pain associated with drooping and bad posture. When you can maintain great seating posture, you can prevent or do away with the constant back pain most people suffer.

The chair is made of a fabric mesh back that makes it breathable. After a long day of being sited, it is normal to feel hot. This seat allows your back to breathe preventing unnecessary heat, especially during the summer. You will not have to deal with an excessively sweaty back. The cushioned mesh fabric seat provides enough support for people of up to 450lbs. it is therefore, the perfect seat for big and tall individuals.

Aesthetic value

Other than the perfect posture, this chair looks great in any office. It comes in the universal black color with an amazing design that helps it make any office look great. No matter what type of décor you have chosen for your office, this chair will blend right in. its beautiful design guarantees that it will stand out in your office. In fact, you could even make it the center piece of your office decor.

Durable and strong

The seat is made of a five prong base that adds strength to the base of the chair. This gives assurance that it will support even the big individuals. It also has five casters that make it easy for you to roll around the office without putting undue stress on the chair. The good quality materials used in its making guarantees that this chair will serve you for years.

Alera Merix450 3Customizable

The chair offers a wide range of height and back tilt adjustments. The adjustments make it the ideal seat for both tall and short people. You can expand the seat to increase the additional movement. The padded seats are also easily removable.


– Supports big and tall people

– Easy to adjust

– Easy to put together

– Affordable

– Durable


– The fabric is a little rough on the skin

– They fabric may not be the best quality


When looking for a chair that will be suitable for almost anyone, easy to put together, fair priced and durable, this is a great buy. The roughness of the fabric can be done away with by covering the seat with a soft fabric of your own.

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