KOHLER K-99007-NA Verdera Medicine Cabinet Review

KOHLER K-99007-NA Verdera Medicine Cabinet Review 2The KOHLER K-99007-NA Verdera is designed to not only serve you for a long time but to do so effectively. Made from aluminum, it will not rust whereas the adjustable glass shelves allow you the flexibility in storage. This medicine cabinet is not just a useful addition to your home but an elegant one as well. With this in your bathroom esthetic appeal will be greatly enhanced. What does the KOHLER K-99007-NA Verdera medicine cabinet have to offer?


With dimensions of 24 inches by 30 inches, the K99007 is the medium-sized option of the Verdera medicine cabinets. It is easy to install, all you have to do is hang it like a picture frame (mount a hanger bar on the wall, slide the cabinet on the bar and secure with mounting clips) and secure the bottom. You can have the option of using recessed installation. The installation is so easy you could do it yourself and save the money you would have used to pay a professional.

For a durable and chip-free finish the KOHLER K-99007-NA Verdera is made of anodized aluminum. To enhance this durability the interior of the cabinet is fitted made of tempered glass. It can be surface mounted or recessed installed and to help with this it comes with the necessary hardware.

For storage, space there are 3 adjustable shelves made out of tempered glass. The fact that these are adjustable means that you can get as much space as you desire. These are fully adjustable meaning that you could even decide to fold the top shelves to allow for the storage of tall medicine containers.

The inside of the cabinet has a magnifying mirror that is adjustable and has a magnification power of 3X. This can be adjusted as necessary for use in carrying out various tasks by varying people. Also there are mirrors on the cabinet’s interior back and on the back of the door.

To access the contents in the interior of the cabinet, you will use a single door. This is fitted with two adjustable hinges that allow you to open the cabinet up to an angle of 108 degree. You can opt for either a right or left hand swing depending on which hand it is that you prefer using. To avoid any damages that may occur due to slamming of the door, this has a slow-close mechanism. This also prevents the noise associated with doors banging. Well, don’t we all require a quiet bathing environment?


  • Easy installation
  • Slow-close door for quiet operation
  • Made of anodized aluminum which does not chip nor rust.
  • Comes with an adjustable magnifying mirror
  • Flexible and easy installation
  • Comes with a one year limited warranty


  • The wood or mirrored side kit for surface mount or wood frame for recessed installation come at an extra cost.
  • The price is relatively expensive (but worth every penny)
  • Is a fragile and glass may break


The Kohler K99007 NA Verdera medicine cabinet is worth buying  for anyone looking for an elegant medicine cabinet that will serve them for a long time. It has all the features that make it a worthwhile purchase.

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