Monoprice 10565 Home Theater System Review

Monoprice 10565 Home Theater System

I was a bit reluctant to purchase these at first, but decided to give them a shot after doing some research and reading online reviews. All I’ll say is WOW – I’m thrilled with this purchase and I would HIGHLY recommend this system to anyone who might be in the market! Since we’ve purchased these, we’ve watched countless movies and games and we continue to be amazed by the sound quality… the music, action-packed scenes and everything in between all sound so clear, crisp and bold. We have a large living room with high ceilings, and these speakers fill the room with bold sound very nicely. We have owned the system for a few months now, and from the day the box was delivered, my fiancé and I have been so pleased. The initial set up was so fast and easy, and we have been enjoying great sound for movies, games, and regular TV programs since these arrived.

• These sound absolutely incredible, especially for their small size! And the retail price is significantly lower than what you’ll pay for most other speakers that sound this good.
• The set up was so fast and simple. One brief note: be sure to slowly break these in – don’t blast these things at full volume until you’ve been using them for a while. You’ll want to give the speakers a bit of time to loosen up to avoid permanently damaging your sound quality.
• This system has so MUCH more bass than I expected for a subwoofer of this size.
• These come with a three position power switch, which is nice. The auto setting also works well.
• The overall size of this system is great. The pieces are not big and bulky and don’t clutter up our living room or entertainment center, but they do deliver large, and overall powerful sound that completely fills the room.

• These don’t come with speaker wire (although most don’t, so that really wasn’t a major drawback for us).
• The matte finish on these isn’t necessarily as stylish as some of the competitors. Again, this wasn’t a big deal for us, but something that may bother some.
• The system only comes with a one-year warranty, which is significantly shorter than what you’ll get with some other competitors.
• The LED light on the subwoofer is bright and may bother some users; it wasn’t a big deal for us.

When I initially began shopping for a home theatre system for our new house, I wasn’t sure exactly what I was after and, admittedly, I had a tough time pulling the trigger on this one. Just a few months in, and I’m thrilled with this decision. Those who are in the market for a home theatre system that won’t break the bank, but will still deliver big sound, won’t find a better option for the price – seriously. Note: these are especially great for users who are moving from to their first 5.1 sound system – if these are in your price range, buy them. You won’t regret it.

While these may not be as stylish as some of the other speakers on the market, the sound and value trumps most other big names. I highly recommend this system! This has been one of the best purchases we have ever made for our home!

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