Rachio 16 Zone Smart Sprinkler Controller Review

Rachio 16 Zone Smart Sprinkler Controller reviewSmart water sprinklers have made landscaping so much easier to control. Unlike old systems which involved buttons for control the smart sprinklers are a part of the internet of things designed to make life so much easier. All you need to have other than the system is a smart device from which you can control the system.

Rachio 16 zone is one such sprinkler which allows you to use a Wi-Fi-enabled smart device to control the watering of your plants. It can work on any device operating on iOS or android. With cloud-based software, you will be able to manage the sprinkling system from anywhere.

The automatic control based on the regional characteristics and the weather will supply only the necessary amount of water saving you lots of money in water bills.


The Rachio 16-zone smart sprinkler is meant to replace your current sprinkler control box. It is not only easy to set up and install but also to control. You will need an Android or iOS device to setup and control the device. The sprinkler has WiFi which you can use to communicate with from your smart device. It can also be controlled through web applications like Amazon Echo, Nest, Xfinity, Nexia and Wink to name but a few.

A Rachio app that is available for free gives you the power to control the sprinkler no matter where it is that you are. You can check how your sprinkler is working and make the necessary adjustments from anywhere in the world. Rachio sends you alerts when watering schedules are adjusted as per the season.

Watering plants manually will usually lead to wastage of water. With this Rachio smart sprinkler, only the necessary amount of water is used saving you as much as 30% the money you would have spent on water bills.

With water intelligence capabilities you need not schedule the sprinkler. All you have to do is to fill in information about your zip code when installing the system. This information will be used to retrieve weather updates for your geographical area and adjust the water needs as necessary. Other settings you need to specify when setting up include the soil type, vegetation, slope, sun exposure and nozzle types all of which will determine the amount of water used.

The Rachio 16 zone sprinkler controller is EPA WaterSense certified. It has been tested and proven to save lots of water. To confirm this further, you will get Rachio water reports showing how much water you have saved.


  • EPA WaterSense certified
  • Easy and fast installation
  • 30% savings on water
  • Can be easily connected to other home automation programs
  • Flexibility in control options


  • No physical controls


Ideal for small and large yards equally the 16 zone smart sprinkler control allows you to be able to monitor and control the watering of your plants no matter where you are. It not only saves you money by only using the water that is needed but also by saving you the money you would have paid someone to monitor the process in your absence.


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