Sharp KC-850U Air Purifier Review

Sharp KC-850U Air Purifier 2

Are you looking for an Air Purifier for a room of up to 254 square feet, for instance a bedroom?

Are you looking for an air purifier that has a humidifier function included?

We are going to take a look at the Sharp KC-850U which meets both of these criteria, we like to give an honest review so we are going to point out both the positives and negatives for this particular air purifier.


If you suffer from allergies or breathing problems or you just need improved air quality in your house then without a doubt you probably will benefit from an air purifier. You might be asking yourself why this one? Why not choose one of the cheaper air purifiers on the market.

So let’s answer that question firstly this air purifier comes with Plasmacluster Technology, we can’t go into all the technical aspects of it in this review but basically, what it does is restore the balance of ions in the air and attack any harmful substances and inactivate them.

The humidifier works to maintain an air humidity of around 55 to 65% this percentage is deemed the healthiest for our bodies.


A Sleek Design with Color Changing LED Interface – A functional unit that is modern and clean looking The LED lights on the interface can be adjusted or turned off. It also is compact enough to be unobtrusive in your home and has recessed handles that make it easy to move.

Superior Air Cleaning Technology – The inbuilt sensors monitor the quality of the air and the humidity and automatically adjust according to their readings.

Very Quiet – There is very little noise emitted from this unit.

Easy to Maintain – light indicators give you a warning when it is time to carry out maintenance such as replacing any filters.


Replacement Filters are Expensive – The HEPA filter and carbon filter will last about 5 years before needing to be replaced and the price will be around $160 for both. The humidifier filter will last around 2 years and will cost $35 to replace. So this needs to be taken into account and they are more expensive than a lot of other brands filters.

Humidity Settings – Some customers complained about the humidity being pre-set with no options to change it. Personally, we think that that Sharp knows what they and the humidity is set for optimum performance to work perfectly in conjunction with the air purifier settings.

Customer Comments and Ratings

At the time of researching this unit, there are over 70 customer reviews on Amazon with a 4.3 rating. The majority rate it a top score of 5 stars which is an indicator that this is a quality product.

It does seem to be functioning well with customers commenting that their allergy problems have improved after using the Sharp KC-850U.  Other users mentioned a great improvement in the quality of their sleep.

A couple of users compared it to other brands with one saying that it was vastly superior to air purifiers from Winix. Another had tried various brands over the years including Winix and Honeywell and described it as the best of the bunch.


The bottom line is that this air purifier with added humidifier function works. If this is in your budget and you have taken into the account that you will need to pay a bit more for replacement filters in the future then we can’t see this Sharp model letting you down.

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