Step2 Hot Wheels Toddler to Twin Bed Review

Step2 Hot Wheels Toddler to Twin Bed reviewAlthough there are loving parents who say they cannot wait till their kids can enter the university, they secretly all wish for these children to stop ageing so that they will remain adorable and dependent on their folks for a while. Thus, seeing your son move from his crib to a toddler’s bed is enjoyable yet sometimes tear-jerking, because it goes without saying that your baby is officially not a baby anymore, and that change is inevitable. The best consolation you will get is that you will see them go through these changes firsthand and experience it with them, for you all to look back to in the future.

Also, who wouldn’t want to see their son’s excited face when they see their new cool bed? Especially if you get the Step2 Hot Wheels Toddler to Twin Bed, they will think even more that you are the best parents in the world.

Read on for a detailed Step2 Hot Wheels Toddler to Twin Bed review.


  • Race car rims and tracks
  • Working headlights
  • Side spaces for toys or books
  • Support boards


  1. For long-term use. You can save a ton of cash when you purchase this, since a child at the age of 2-10 years old can use this. You do not have to worry that this will only be momentarily used, because it is big enough to accommodate the growth of your son.
  2. Amazing design. If you used to have a hard time getting your baby to bed during nighttime, now he may ask you on end about when he can sleep on his car bed already. The product has been designed in depth, complete with headlights that light up when you tap them. The latter can also be used as his night light, so you do not need to get a lamp for his room.
  3. Ready for transitioning. Your child will be able to use this bed even when he is not a toddler. You can replace the mattress into a twin one – this is possible with Step2 Hot Wheels Toddler to Twin Bed.


  1. Molded side tracks do not fit well. The issue that some consumers have noticed is that the molded side tracks do not fit on their right position, so they fall in or out of the bed.
  2. Mattress is not counted in. Another disadvantage of the product is that it does not have a mattress included when you purchase it. However, you can use the one on your baby’s crib, or get a toddler or twin mattress.
  3. A tad too big. A few parents say that it is too big for their kid’s room, yet still a winner in their son’s eyes.


The product is simply the right bed size at an affordable price. Families need to only space less than US$350 to avail it from Amazon.

The design will also have a strong appeal to the little boys. It is as if they are truly in a race car when they hop on the bed.

Change is not easy for everyone, specifically for babies that cannot fully understand yet why things have to happen a certain way. But you can make it exciting for them when you assemble the Step2 Hot Wheels Toddler to Twin Bed in their own room


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