Suncast BMS4900D Glidetop Slide Lid Shed Review

SUNCAST BMS4900D GLIDETOP SLIDE LID SHEDFinding the perfect shed isn’t always easy. Sometimes there’s certain restrictions in place where you live or you simply just don’t have enough yard space for a bigger shed. However, Suncast has come up with a solution for that problem. Suncast’s Glidetop Slide Lid Shed is a long lasting, easy to maintain shed perfect for any yard. It’s not too big but just big enough to fit all the necessities. It’s sliding lid offers easy access to its content and also features a sturdy floor for tractor support. The Suncast Glidetop shed is the perfect size to store yard tools such as lawn mowers, patio furniture, bikes and more. It also has the option of being locked ensuring that anything stored into the shed will be kept safe and secure. This shed is long lasting with its double wall resin structure and easy bolt system makes for a simple assembly that requires minimal tools; your shed will be ready to use in as little as time possible.

Before putting the shed together, it requires a sturdy foundation to be built. Suncast recommends putting your Glidetop shed on a concrete slab foundation or wood-frame foundation. For a wooden foundation you will need two 2x6x8 sheets of plywood for the sides, four 2x6x10 for the ribs of the shed and one 3/4x4x8 sheet of plywood. As long as you make sure to take your time and not make any mistakes this is more than enough wood for the foundation. All of the wood for the foundation costs about $75, keep in mind this is a separate expense from the shed itself. Thankfully, you don’t have to go at building this foundation blindly. Suncast has instructions on how to build the perfect foundation. A quick visit to Suncast’s website and you’ll be able to download a pdf file of the instructions which gives you the chance to build the foundation even before your Glidetop shed arrives.

The actual Suncast Glidetop shed weighs about 200 lbs. therefore ensuring you have the proper means of transporting it to your home is crucial as it is quite heavy. In the box it arrives in 7 pieces, each labeled with a letter so that you can follow the correct order for putting it together. Setting it up honestly takes less than an hour with minimal effort thanks to its easy set up. The Suncast Glidetop shed is the perfect solution for those who don’t have that much yard space and need increased storage not to mention it is super affordable.

Pros of this shed is that it is put together easily, it is doesn’t take up too much space but despite its size it can surprisingly hold so many gardening or yard tools/machinery. That being said, Suncast doesn’t do a great job at advertising the fact that a foundation is required so that extra cost and effort may catch you off guard. Also, durability is definitely an issue as some of the parts aren’t the best quality and manufactured poorly with no replacements on the Suncast website.

That being said, the Suncast Glidetop shed is definitely a great investment despite its few downfalls it proves to be a very good and efficient shed worth every penny.

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